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12-09-2012, 01:45 AM
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Originally Posted by DyerMaker66 View Post
And yet Winnipeg is sold out for the next 3 years at a high ticket price. Toronto has an 8 year wait for season tickets and has the highest price in the league. You don't think that 8 year wait says that the GTHA could support another team?

Population clearly doesn't matter when you don't watch the sport (*cough* Atlanta *cough*)

Edmonton, Ottawa, and Calgary do pretty well and their teams are terrible.

MOD Your country doesn't watch hockey, and the NHL should stop trying to force it to until it is full of healthy franchises. A healthy league will help itself grow, not forcing failing franchises to stay in Phoenix and Atlanta.
You almost sound as if you feel hockey doesn't belong in the US altogether????

Yes, Winnipeg is sold out over the next 3 years. But part of atomic's point is.... Winnipeg is maxed out now. It's not going to get any bigger unless TNSE jacks ticket prices up.

And part of the reason why it was able to contribute to rev sharing is that it has one of the lowest payrolls in the NHL. What happens when TNSE is forced to begin paying higher contracts to attract the marque players everyone contends is needed to win a cup, or reward top players within it's own system in order to keep them??

This was my one and only concern with Winnipeg getting a team back. How would they fare in over the long haul (10+ years) as player salaries continue to climb. I knew the fans would respond... I knew they would be successful out of the box. But you can only squeeze so much out of a market.

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