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12-09-2012, 02:15 AM
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Originally Posted by Bender View Post
Yeah, about the LOCKOUT. I guess Crosby and Birkle circumvented the CBA process a few weeks back when they got together to try and bridge the gap. I guess when Wild management talked to Harding about his unfortunate diagnosis, that was circumventing the CBA as well. lol get real

Just like agents and GMs don't talk to each other BEFORE 12 noon on July 1st. Wink, wink, nudge, nudge.

Since you smart guys have all 'figured out' that O'Reilly CANNOT leave his Russian team without being offered a better deal than the one he signed in the NHL, do you think that:

A) He signed a reasonable deal based on the negotiations he had during the summer with the Avs (so somewhere between $3M-$4M per season)?


B) He broke the bank knowing full well that there's a chance the Avs might not want to pony up that ca$h, all the while alienating himself to the team who will either let him 'rot' over in Russia or trade him a few months later after having matched the Russian offer?

My bet is on "A" although there is a lesser chance that it's "B". I think O'Reilly is a smart kid that's in a pretty good situation in Colorado. He's the ultimate team guy and I'd be very surprised based on his character, if he ever put the organization in a 'bad spot' so-to-speak. What's more likely is that he put a FLOOR on what he expects to be paid going forward and that's likely a number the Avs won't have any problem paying.
I'm betting B, why else would he sign a two year deal when every other player is signing lockout deals and not 2 yr ones. I have no doubt its his agents idea and O'Reilly might not realize the outcome if the Aves take this as an insult.

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