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Originally Posted by Stephen View Post
Actually far from it. As a Leafs fan, I'm saying you'd be lucky to get Gardiner for Ryan O'Reilly, and we are the ones not interested in that trade, let alone packaging more assets to get him. Stop acting like your 3 centermen are so valuable that we're salivating to get any of them. We're not.
Do you speak for the whole Leafs fanbase? You act like you are, yet despite you guys apparently not being interested in O'Reilly for Gardiner, several Leaf fans have proposed it. Perhaps you meant YOU are not interested in it. Good, you don't want our centermen. Tell the rest of your fellow Leaf fans this please, since a lot seem to disagree judging from the amount of threads/posts from them about it.

Proven? One 18 goal 55 point season plus whatever he managed to accomplish defensively is about as Selke worthy as Gardiner was Norris worthy. Not even close. Keep ROR, but know that we don't even want him that much.
Haha ok buddy. We will keep ROR then. Just tell the rest of your Leaf fans, who apparently don't even want him anyways, to stop asking for him.

Don't even talk like ROR's game is so ****ing advanced. He had one 18 goal scoring season to go with his two way game. Big whoop.
Oh...the arrogance. You really are not making yourself any friends with your attitude. Its still a lot more impressive than Gardiner's 30 point season though. Big whoop that is.

Being one of the best Avs players doesn't mean very much these days.
Wow You have issues. It still means a lot more than being good on the Leafs though. At least we have actually made the playoffs in recent memory. Might not want to take jabs at other teams buddy, when your a fan of the Toronto Maple Leafs.

Avs fans seem to be of the belief that their current crop of centermen are worth more than they actually are. They're nice players and you can keep them. Just don't come into a chat thinking they're somehow completely superior to what another franchise has.
Ok. We will keep our centermen, who we apparently overvalue. Thanks for giving us permission to keep them. And yeah, if you want to talk about superiority, they actually far superior to what you have. Thanks anyways.

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