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Originally Posted by atomic View Post
It is pointless to argue with them. That this thread is a sticky on a general hockey discussion is ridiculous. Ticket prices are too high in hockey. Instead of them bashing the Coyotes for having reasonable prices on tickets perhaps they should be bashing the team that have ridiculous prices on tickets.
This is not "general hockey discussion," it is the "Business of Hockey" board. The discussion here centres on, or is supposed to centre on, the business of hockey and by extension, the business of the NHL and its teams.

On that front, the Coyotes are the star attraction. A team that has gone through bankruptcy, has been owned by the league for over three years, has had numerous woefully inadequate and often comedic suitors over the years, a government who's determined to put down hundreds of millions of subsidies despite their own financial struggles and state laws prohibiting them from doing so. That is why this thread is stickied.

Unfortunately, every so often, the discussion your currently participating in with other posters takes over; small market Canadian success stories vs. long-term US market gains, returning to the game's roots vs. 'growing the game.' It is an emotional argument that is often rooted in team loyalties and nationalism, which in turn leads to fan-base, city, and market bashing. It is also something that has been discussed again, and again, and again, and again over the years and is frowned upon by many of us regulars. To quote another poster...

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