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12-09-2012, 04:05 AM
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Originally Posted by atomic View Post
no markets like winnipeg will not bring a big tv contract. Don't they have canadian hockey night or something in canada? If it is popular why doesn't it contribute masses of sums of money to the nhl? because no one lives in canada.

how hard is that to understand. you have no population. we have states with more people than your country. you have 3 real cities Vancouver, Montreal and Toronto.

Rochester and Binghamton New York both have more population in their metro areas than your 4th biggest city. MOD

winnipeg has like 600,000 people in their metro area, phoenix 4.2 million. and you wonder why the nhl doesn't want a team to leave phoenix?
Interesting, you do know that it's generally accepted that the 23% of Canadian teams contributed over 33% of NHL revenue? You are also aware that the CBC gives 100 million per season for the Saturday night + partial playoff rights of 7 teams, while NBC is giving 200 million for 23 teams over the entire season, hmmm yeah Canadian teams bad. Canadian teams bad considering Canadian teams don't see 100% of that 100 million since it is shared amongst the American teams, I wonder if any of that NBC contract comes up north, I doubt it.

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