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Originally Posted by Dellstrom View Post
Depends, I suppose.

For the Bruins, Lucic. Without him our intimidation factor is basically nothing. Sure, we have Chara, Horton, McQuaid, Thornton, whoever, Lucic IS the Bruins. Our identity is completely different without him. If you say 6m is overpayment, he'd EASILY fetch at least 7-8 million on the open market. EASILY.

It doesn't take much to say Nash is the better player, he is, but especially on the Bruins where our whole top-6 besides Krejci and Bergeron are capable of 30 goals, and when all of our top-9 is capable of 20 goals, we don't need a big-time scorer. A big, tough physical forward who's the most intimidating player in the league, (who can still score 30 goals) is more valuable to the Bruins.
8m? please. maybe on team absolutely desperate to reach the top floor, maybe.

Originally Posted by Socratic Method Man View Post
"He'd easily fetch at least [...] 8 million on the open market." ??? "EASILY."

You mean per year? That would make him the 5th highest paid player in the league by cap hit. And with the way you emphasize that claim, saying "at least" and "easily" and another "easily" for good measure... just how much do you think Lucic would get paid on the open market? 9 million per year? 10?
He wouldn't be 5th because in a world where Lucic makes 8m/year all other stars would be in the 10-15m range.

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