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12-09-2012, 04:30 AM
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Originally Posted by McLlwain View Post
Fehr doesn't have to explain anything.
If there's one thing he keeps stressing it's that the mempership makes the decisions. He won't be the one to blame for anything that results out of these negotiations.

Compared to Bettman, who actually has a say in everything league-related, Fehr is basically a legal representative, who just voices the opinion of his clients. He makes pretty darn sure he's as far from the shooting lane as possible.

Just because he advises the players what he thinks is best for them, doesn't make him the one to decide what to fight for. Sure, he is a huge influence and their leader. But he holds the players accountable for every step the PA takes by giving them every opportunity in the world to participate in the negotiations and make their voices heard.

That's pretty smart, if you ask me. He can be the road block without being guilty of road blocking personally.
I agree with most of this, I mean the question itself is illogical, who does he have to explain himself to now? The players are the ones who decide when they've had enough, and if they don't want to deal and still want money there's always Europe. I think both owners and players have some sympathy towards the fans but the bottom line is both are looking after their wallets.

So then the question becomes, how are the players going to explain this? I don't know, I think everyone involved is already well aware that they may have irreparably damaged the NHL and that blood is on the hands of both parties, an equal share of blame if you ask me.

Personally I really don't care anymore what happens, and the blame game is lame and old, and the fact that both parties are still playing the propaganda war speaks volumes that there are problems far larger than money that exist in the NHL, the fact as well that people still believe in the propaganda pretty much gives the NHL and NHLPA carte blanche to continue to play apathetic. If we the fans truly want to affect the lockout then we need to show significant levels of apathy, don't visit official websites, keep your website visits to independent sites like this one.

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