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Originally Posted by Bring Back Scuderi View Post
You're lacking appropriate examples citing Kozlov and Kamensky. Both suffered meaningful injuries before coming to North America which would have stymied their careers whether they were Soviets or Canadians.
Maybe he meant Vyacheslav FETISOV and Kamensky? They both together with Larionov and to some extent an aging Makarov proved to me that the soviets best was for real. When Fetisov and Larionov adjusted, they at an old age showed glimpses of just how good they must have been at their best.
Originally Posted by tarheelhockey View Post
I see your point here, but the Kozlov example doesn't do it any justice.

When he was 17, Kozlov likely WAS as good as the other Russian superstars. He was hardly the first prospect to fall behind as he aged, and he actually had a decent alibi given the physical and mental trauma he endured.
What on earth in his early stats merits him being considered even at the same level as Bure? Maybe he was a more complete player already?

Originally Posted by Dynamo81 View Post
CSKA played 34 games against NHL teams winning 24 and losing 8 (Won 6 series to 0)
Dynamo played 20 games against NHL teams winning 10 and losing 6 (Won 4 series to 0)
Krylya Sovetov played 13 games against NHL teams winning 6 and losing 5. (Won 2 series to 1)
Spartak played 5 games against NHL teams winning 3 and losing 2 (Won 1 series to 0)
Khimik Voskresensk played 13 games against NHL teams winning 6 and losing 6 (Both series were tied).
Yeah, and the question really is if the NHL at the time actually had'nt equal disparity in the league? First Montreal then the Islanders and Oilers. At the same time, the soviets did not send their bottom dwellers to these "exhibitions".

Originally Posted by Big Phil View Post
Because no one who ever watched Morozov will think he dominated, or was even a very good NHLer. He was a talent that went to waste.
Before he left, i think he was well on his way towards becoming a top-20 scorer in the NHL, whatever that is worth concerning his all-time status. It's safe to say his growing dominance over the following years concludes that.

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