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Originally Posted by PhantomOTO View Post
I generally don't do multiplayer unless people are in the room with me. When I do play online it's always with the same friend and we have very few games in common. So basically if a game isn't good for single player, it's not good for me. I hate the trend of moving away from single player and especially in room multiplayer. I went ahead and sold it before those responses, and they just reinforce that I made the right decision. For me it was exactly like any open world FPS this generation. Totally bland gameplay-wise. Nice visual style though. Reminded me of a darker Valkyria Chronicle.

Also, I think nerds are mainstream now. Something can move tons of units while appealing mostly to that culture, especially when they're driving the medium, as in the case of video games.

All the guys at Gamestop were on my case about selling it, too. The modern nerd is the modern bully, the enforcer of an pseudo-alternative monoculture!
I think your lumping of "nerds" into a single group is silly. As you hinted at, its grown into way too big a group to be grouped together. But I agree with your notion that borderlands is a mediocre single player game at best. Also, Valkyria Chronicles is awesome.

In general, I have to agree with the idea that too many games are being designed to only be played via online multiplayer. Not that they are bad games, but as I grow older I have a much harder time getting a group of friends available at the same time to really enjoy them. Its so rare that when that's the only way to play a game, its typically not worth playing. Single player games are still there, but the in-room multiplayer options are really starting to dwindle. Its basically Nintendo keeping that alive and even their games have gone downhill in that regard since Gamecube imo. But I may just be getting old.

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