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12-09-2012, 05:14 AM
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Originally Posted by ColePens View Post
Just watched The Dark Knight Rises for the 2nd time and I must say... it's 1000000x better than I remembered. I cannot believe how well-done this movie is. The guy who plays Bane should be given so much credit. Maybe even credit like Ledger got for his Joker portrayal.

What a ****ing epic movie. Soooooo damn good.
I need to watch it again. My biggest gripes (trying to avoid SPOILERS) are that Gotham feels completely empty and that the "twist" wasn't handled particularly well. Just seemed forced in for the sake of getting the name into the movie. Bane was great and Cat Woman was handled pretty much perfectly imo. I still give my nod to Dark Knight just because Joker and Dent are my favorite batman characters, but Rises was probably a better framed movie. TDK had a little bit of a shaky ending just rushing two conclusions into one movie.

Tom Hardy is an awesome actor for sure. I was very impressed with Anne Hathaway as well.

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