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12-09-2012, 06:58 AM
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Originally Posted by Bourne Endeavor View Post
Schneider retained less value on the open market, having only played one season as a backup a year prior. While Gillis may have received offers it is not unfathomable to believe they were significantly less than his expectations for Schneider, thus a trade at that juncture would be less profitable than to wait. Likewise, we had just challenged for the cup and one could reasonable assume our chance of repeating were highly probable, allowing Gillis leeway to maximize Schneider's value.

Perhaps, although personally I believe this perspective a bit too black and white myself. If Luongo brought us Lupul+, the only thing preventing that from being a solid trade is Lupul regressing, otherwise both teams benefit.

Both teams benefiting is not the barometer between a win/loss, asset value is. This is the point that is being missed here. For instance, what helps more? Lupul or a top5 draft pick? The pick isn't going to help the team win, but Lupul will. So the natural answer is Lupul -> But that doesn't mean Lupul brings more _value_ back in the deal. That is the crux of the argument. Asset value matters more than supplementary pieces.

This is black and white for a reason. It is an ideology that has carried weight amongst many GMs over many years of practice. They the know the power of _quality_ in an asset vs. quantity, or even the short-term benefits. Quality trumps all, as that quality is more likely to stay within the organization longer while other pieces fade out.

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