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12-09-2012, 08:26 AM
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Originally Posted by grog View Post
Why don't you tell them what they should get paid, go ahead, tell us all what they should make, it's not as though they earned what they did under some ownership controlled anything but free market over the past few yea...o wait.

Ill tell you what, if you don't like what they get paid, don't watch, because no matter how you slice it, the reason the cap went up is more people paid more money to watch those players that so many of you seem to have a hate on for. JUST STOP WATCHING, those players don't owe you a damn thing, or [mod] accept that everyone always wants as much as they can get and for better or worse this negotiation is just part of a process.
Sounds like the negotiating hasn't gone the way you like it, but that's the way it the end of the day, I don't tell these guys anything, but the league and the owners do, and that's what they can't seem to accept?

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