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12-09-2012, 09:10 AM
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The nhl wants to go to a fifty fifty split because they are losing money with many franchises and as can be seen other sports organizations have settled at that. The players want to be "made whole" for the 7 % loss overall-basically to high priced help who squeezed every last nickel they could get. The last proposal by the nhl offered among other things, 300 million dollars--in effect eschewing the 50-50 split for several years--BUT in exchange wanted a longer contract so that the % did get to the fifty fifty level for some of the length of the CBA. They also wanted to prevent teams loading up on the type of contracts that caused these problems-back diving, cap twisting etc. The NHLPA said per Fehr-great we will take the money but now we reject the terms you want-it is good we are so close! It may be sharp bargaining and what Fehr is known for but it destroyed the good will the owners in the room had tried to nurture with the extra $100 million etc.

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