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Originally Posted by atomic View Post
btw Winnipeg is 25th in attendance. Even the Devils had more fans per game.
It isn't how many fans per game you attract. It's how much you are able to charge those that attend. A team in Yellowknife could have a 1,000 seat arena, but if it could sell each ticket for $10,000, it would be very profitable and would have a ton of revenue. Winnipeg may "only" have a 15,000 seat arena, but it is able to sell their tickets for a much higher price than New Jersey (and most other teams, for that matter). This comes down to simple economics; supply and demand. There is a much greater demand for the 15,000 tickets available in Winnipeg than the 18,000 seats in Newark, therefore ticket prices are higher and Winnipeg brings in more revenue.

There is something else that Winnipeg figured out, probably by accident. It is cheaper to build a 15,000 seat arena than a 18,000 seat arena. The most expensive seat to build in an arena is going to be the one you sell for the cheapest price. So unless you're selling out every night, it makes no sense to have an 18,000 seat arena because you are wasting money.

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