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12-09-2012, 10:39 AM
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Originally Posted by Sir Psycho T View Post
I don't think it was the counter proposal that drove of the NHL. I think it was how the PA negotiated that day then the Fehr presser that drove them off.

First progress was being made and they where indeed very close. But then the PA wants to bring back the mediators. WHY? You bring in mediators when your at a stand still, when talks have been going in circles and nothing is getting accomplished. Not when you have made progress and are closer then ever.

Then there was the presser. That was the straw. If with no word to the media and quitely they NHLPA made a counter offer I don't think the NHL pulls their deal, but when Fehr is up there lying to everyone about the talks that just pissed them off.

Say what you will but more and more it's coming out Fehr may have just gone once too far. Rob Scuderi said today he thinks many players would have accepted the NHL's offer and Jeremy Roenick who as we all know is no friend of Bettman thinks Fehr is pushing too far.

It's one thing to get the best deal, it's another to just keep pushing because eventually you'll push to hard and the other side will push back.
We don't know that yet. Fehr has one job, to get the PA the best possible deal. Did he go too far? Well that depends on the deal the players eventually end up singing. If he would have accepted the offer back in November like many on here thought they should, he would of done a disservice to the PA. The offers have improved from the NHL even though the claim every proposal is their best possible offer & they walk away as soon as the PA doesn't work within the framework of their offer.

If they agree to deal in the next two weeks somewhere in the middle of the two, he's absolutely done his job. What's another few weeks when a 7-10 CBA is about to be locked in. If we lose a season then we can lynch Fehr, until then it's one giant witch hunt by this board. He's playing a game of chicken, pretty dangerous one but I respect that.

So why BWC and others want to blame Fehr for all that is wrong. The union can force a vote, it's not entirely his decision. They can replace him if they want. None of this has happened despite the lone player that cried out to the media. It was probably Sopel.

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