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12-09-2012, 09:42 AM
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Originally Posted by ThaDevilGirl View Post
First significant snow accumulations are due for tomorrow and Monday over the province of Quebec as two low pressure systems are tracking NE. One is impacting southern Quebec today with mostly rain for Montreal and snow further north and in elevated terrains. The fun starts sunday night/monday morning with a Colorado low. Precipitations should start in snow and stay in snow north of Montreal. South of Montreal we're expecting snow changing to freezing precip and then rain. Obviously, the St-Lawrence valley could be affected by a prolonged period of freezing rain since it is notorious for funneling cold air from the NE underneath southerly warm air aloft.

What a sucky weather to start the week.
Bah, we'll get lots of snow, some freezing precip and then rain. The snow should all fall during nighttime, making rush hour terrible.

Originally Posted by TheMurdocktor View Post
Loved meteorology as a kid growing up. Every single science project I did in school was weather-related. For a long time, I would only watch the news for the weather segment. Hell, the Weather Channel was my go-to after-school station, especially if something drastic was happening in my area or around the world. My favorite movie still to this day is Twister.

I always wanted to work with extreme weather, become an analyst of some sort. Then, I started doing research and saw all of the advanced math and science it required and I was like "NOOOOOOOOOPE". That stuff isn't my cup of tea.

I'm now a college grad with a journalism degree. Go figure. But I always keep an eye on the weather for old times sake.
That's too bad, it's such and interesting field! I was a bit scared about the advanced math and physics but I managed to pass everything. I found the meteorology courses to be a lot easier than the rest and I was able to go through 3 years of schooling even though half of my courses were making me miserable.

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