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12-09-2012, 09:55 AM
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Originally Posted by DuckJet View Post
I think it could work as a blockbuster but they'd have to depart from the game's story by quite a bit.
This is unfortunately true in order for it to appeal to target markets. They'd probably have to make a sidekick for Samus, or even make villians like Phantoon played by humans like Johnny Depp.

Originally Posted by kingsholygrail View Post
I always found Metroid and Zelda to be some of the easier, conceptually, to turn into a film franchise.

Metroid can be a sci-fi action thriller easily. Keep the general creepiness of the lore and throw in hot chick in a power suit? Box office hit.

Zelda could be a great fantasy movie. I remember someone did a mock trailer for a Zelda film and it convinced me it could be done and done well.
Zelda could also be a good one. Story is right there...only thing I had a problem w/ for the SNES version is why did it take time to zap the princesses back into the dark world? Why didn't he just do 'em all in one night ?

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