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12-09-2012, 09:58 AM
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Originally Posted by Fourier View Post
To be honest, I am not sure why the NHL is so set on 5 years. But I also fail to see how this restriction would significantly impact anyone in the NHLPA outside of a small number of the leagues top players.

In the currrent system the heavy front loaded contracts create escrow issues for every player. The limit on variance gets rid of this for the most part. So while we may see some slight bumps in the cap hits of a few stars the net effect of this will be close to negligible for the average player.

How about 6 years and 8 for your own FA's?
5 years contract limit will impact the PA by putting more players in UFA status every year. If the the UFA market become a buyer market the going rate will go down by a lot. On the other hand it will incite more average players to resign with current teams balancing the whole deal and pretty much nullifying the effect anyway. Also five years max with players out of entry level at 25 put them at 30. Teams won't be able to buy out more than 3 years out of free agency. That good for everybody who want to see more quality free agent hit the market. The thing is I don't get how any of this crap could be a reason to hold out on a deal for both sides. Ego must be getting in the way that not something I go to war over.

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