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Originally Posted by Hobnobs View Post
I think this is a science fiction question. There is no way of knowing how Crosby will perform next year or in ten years. there are probabillities tho... I think the probabillity of him peaking even higher is good if he can remain healthy. IF he already maxed out when still in his prime at 25 then thats bad news for Pens.
How is that bad news for the Penguins? Pretty much most NHL players, even the true greats usually peak statistically between the ages of 21 and 25. What I mean by this is that they continue to put up better numbers than most of the rest of the NHL but in terms of their own peak (in terms of raw numbers) they usually never hit that number again after the age of 25. It happened to Gretzky, Yzerman, to Sakic, to Forsberg it even happened to Selanne.

Take Mario Lemieux for instance, he scored 199 Pts as a 23 year old and although he had 2 more seasons with 160 and 161 Pts, he never even again came close to 199 Pts.

Jagr peaked at 23 with 149 Pts eventhough he won 4 more Art Ross trophies after that season and had 3 season of 120 + Pts.

Peaking statistically doesn't usually coincide with peaking physically.

Lemieux was a better player in 1992-93 for instance (bad back and all) than he was in 1988-89. Jagr was a better player in 1998-99 than he was in 1995-96.

Many think for instance that in 2009-10 Crosby was a better overall player than he was in is 2006-07 season.

What these players have in common is that they continued to improve their games and probably dominated their competition to an even larger extent considering the league itself and linemates they had but they never came close to their career highs ever again after the age of 23-25.

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