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12-09-2012, 10:55 AM
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Originally Posted by shipwreck View Post
I am saying that I am glad he is no longer on the team and was traded. Calm down, dude. I guess all but you are not allowed an opinion...
LOL... I was just funnin' with you... Opine away, by all means.

I was hoping my emoticon would show that... sorry.,, I was actually kinda lamenting on the LockOut and how we have been robbed of seeing what was actually going on with the team... I just found JvR an ironic choice in light of that; no insult intended, really.

To be honest, I understand what you mean and I don't see myself missing him either when the Flyers are allowed to continue... I got tired of waiting for him to become consistent and show those flashes of talent on a somewhat regular basis and I am looking forward to see what Luke can do.

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