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12-09-2012, 11:56 AM
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Originally Posted by Mr Jiggyfly View Post
You continue to avoid the facts, to the point it has become comical.

- Miller, Crosby and Burkle ALL said a deal was close
- Crosby promised the players a deal would NOT be closed without Fehr
- The players had every right to ask for Fehr to be brought back to close things out
- The league's concern is backdiving contracts, but they offered seven years for re-signs
- The Wings started backdiving WITH re-signs
- The players wanted 8 years
- They are literally three years apart on length. Three.
- The other two issues are bargaining chips for contract length (not a fact, but obvious)
- The league has tried over and over to remove Fehr from these negotiations like they tried in 95 and 05 with BG
- The league had enough wiggle room to negotiate without compromising what they were trying to accomplish with contract length

No amount of excuses you make up will ever defend the league's predetermined actions to once again remove Fehr from the negotiation process.

They were close to a deal, but instead decided to pull another BS PP move and in the process **** all over Crosby, killed the trust they had built up, and further embarrassed the league.

Once again, not matter what nonsense you spew, that is atrocious leadership.
Jiggy.. you cannot forget some key things that happened this week. The players and owners with STEVE FEHR in the room agreed on the parameters of the deal. It was simple. You get A,B,C... and we won't take that from you. We want A, B, C on our side, too. Okay good.

If the owners would have put a proposal IGNORING the players, you'd be up in arms right now. So it's pretty clear what side you are on. If the owners would have ignored what the players wanted, I would have been pissed. Instead, they listened and put it on the CBA with the things they discussed they needed.

How is this hard to see? Fehr comes in and says "Fine.. we will take A, B, and C.... and now we want to negotiate yours, too." Oh really Fehr? That's now how it works. They bargained certain things or else the owners can come back and say the same damn thing... MEANING we aren't close to a deal.

The owners were blunt and went with what they discussed. Fehr and the gang did not do the same. No questions about it. It's as clear as day.

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