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Originally Posted by Interactif View Post
Comes down to elite ice vision with Naz, he's a creative player, his passes are at times too harshly criticized as turnovers. All creative players make high risk plays. As long as Naz is able to connect on these passes more than he fails and he knows when to be more creative, he will be fine. But I bet he can have a great game and some will focus on the 1 play that didn't connect. This is going to be the type of player he will become in the NHL. You can't stunt his creatvity, that's the player we drafted. He is what he is. No use forcing a round peg into a square hole.

He hasn't been ready to play in the NHL, that was obvious from watching him try, but he's looking much better. Maybe it was from playing the OHL, where he was so much better than other players that he didn't need to move the puck so quickly, and now he respects the talent around him more.

He goes from playing against kids, most who wouldn't ever become full time professionals, to playing against NHL players and AHL players who are the best from around the world, not just the best kids in his area.


He was the Leafs' leading scorer in the 196364, 196667 and 196970 seasons, and the team's top goal scorer in 197071 and 197273. Keon was considered one of the fastest skaters in the NHL, and one of the best defensive forwards of his era.[3] He would usually play against the opposing team's top centre, and developed a reputation for neutralizing some of the league's top scorers. In 197071, he scored eight shorthanded goals, setting an NHL record.
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