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12-09-2012, 11:25 AM
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Originally Posted by DatsyukianDeke View Post
Datsyuk third most common was no Zetterberg, it was Hudler, after him you can make the argument for Cleary as he started the season on the top line and played there until he got injured. Then it was Zetterberg. If you watched any Red Wing games you would know Datsyuk and Zetterberg haven't played consistently together since 2008, they don't have the depth they used to, they can't put both them together.

Also, no. The gap really isn't that small, Datsyuk by far is better.
That's cute, you're making things up now.

Third most common was both Zetterberg and Cleary - played with them more or less the same amount last season.
I used the same website for Toews. Two of his three most common linemates were the only-recently-made-competent Viktor Stalberg and the greatest NHL slug of recent memory Andrew Brunette.
Sure, he had great quality beyond those two, but he played a ton of his minutes with them. And it's not as if Bertuzzi, Franzen, Cleary, etc. are bad players. They're all pretty solid. Not mentioning Zetterberg as I obviously put him on par with the various other Blackhawk stars.

If Datsyuk is "far better" than Jonathan Toews, he better still be winning Selkes regularly and putting up 90+ points every year.
Your linemate argument has already failed (and that argument is doomed for that from the beginning - do we label, say, John Tavares as an assured 100+ point player if given better linemates? No, we don't).

Again, if he is "much better," I want to see some proof on the ice. I don't see a difference on offense - there hasn't been one since 2009. Datsyuk gets a tiny edge defensively, and that may even be generous. We have two of the best defensive forwards in the league here.

Still wondering what exactly makes him the better player "by far." The only thing Wing fans have cited in response to that question so far is "Well, he scored 97 points four seasons ago."
Great. Unfortunately we're not talking about who has had the better career to date, we're talking about who's better right now. There is enough evidence to claim that Datsyuk has a small edge - just as I have done throughout this thread - but it reeks of bias to claim the gap is as large as some of you continue to insist.

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