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12-09-2012, 11:31 AM
Johnny Hoxville
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Bettman absolutely has his strengths and without question has grown the game. But I can't ignore the fact that he has had 3 consecutive work stoppages on his watch, including being the first pro sports leauge to miss an entire season and is now on the verge of repeating that again. While the players do not need to be his friend, if they do not respect him at all this is going to be a recurring thing. As a fan, its unacceptable.

I've heard Fehr on the radio give 2 interviews, and I've always respected his method and approach to his position. While I don't know the man, his words is what I base my opinion off of. He said he approaches his role in the PA to be the voice of the players and what their wants are. He communicates and translates the numbers to the players and is their voice in negotiations. If the majority of the players wanted to settle for the owners offer, Fehr would make that deal. He said he does not try to influence them based off hos opinion, whether that's true or not no one in here knows.

I've said this many times, this whole thing sucks as a fan. Both sides and leaders have faults and were the ones who are paying for it. I'm on the side of hockey, and all I care about is that there appears to be no season in the near future.

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