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12-09-2012, 11:38 AM
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Originally Posted by Hynh View Post
The kid they're talking about being out of shape is old enough to drink at a bar where they (theoretically) are attempting to coax info out of a trainer. That rules all players that aren't on teams in Alberta, Manitoba or Quebec. That knocks it down to 17 teams. Running down Button's list, that leaves Pulock or Shinkaruk.
It would make sense that it was Shinkaruk they were talking about because in the segment before they were talking about a ''pure goal scorer'', so it's possible they were still talking Shinkaruk. It was also later in the afternoon and they started with the Q and the indication was they'd go through the OHL guys next...

Originally Posted by Officer Farva View Post
I don't understand what you mean? I highly doubt it was to be taken literally that the kid was old enough to drink.
Originally Posted by candyman82 View Post
I thought they were talking about bringing the trainer to a bar, not the kid.
They clearly said ''How can you be out of shape at 18'' it's someone who is already 18...both Pulock and Shinkaruk turned 18 this fall.

And while saying they could take the trainer to the bar... ''he (the prospect) might be there'' while joking...

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