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12-09-2012, 11:39 AM
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Ilari Filppula was too slow and too small. He was given a chance during preseason and did not perform. Whatever the case, excellence in the AHL does not always translate into success at the NHL level. Just ask Alexandre Giroux and Keith Aucoin, both of whom were megastars at the AHL level but could not maintain a job in the NHL. Much the same, success in a foreign league---even the KHL is included in this---is by no means a certain indicator of prosperity in the far faster and more physical NHL.

Originally Posted by FissionFire View Post
He was a PP specialist and subpar ES 4th liner.
In his last season, yes. But remember that for two seasons and part of a third, he played RW on possibly the league's best line with Datsyuk and Zetterberg. Though they provided much of that line's talent, he synergized perfectly with what their skills.

If not for his niche he would not have been in the NHL.
Maybe, maybe not. Either way, he was superlative at his job. Very few players in history have matched his ability to screen the goalie and deflect the puck, and it can be argued that no player in the history of the NHL put up with as much physical punishment as Holmstrom did.

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Or a career-best in points because he was playing aggressive offensive hockey with skilled linemates while paying less attention to his defense.
Let's bear in mind here two facts: one, that is far more true of Hudler than it is of Filppula; and two, the latter had to pay extra attention to defense in order to compensate for Hudler's nearly absolute lack of acuity or ability in that area.

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What's Hudler up to these days?
He's doing what he always does when he's not playing hockey: eating donuts and visiting houses of ill-repute!

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