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Originally Posted by TheDaysOf 04 View Post
I think as an outsider when you look at our group you see Johnson, Conacher, and Brown are all free agent signings and Janus, Tic, Palat, and Barberio are late round picks. There's not a lot of 1st rounders. Koekkoek, Vasilevski, and Namestnikov are the only ones. I think people have a problem with placing too much importance on when/where a player was drafted. Why else would HF have Blujus in their top 10 over Cory Conacher and Tyler Johnson? Look here and see who they mention. Koekkoek, Vasilevski, Blujus, Namestnikov, and Panik. The only 1st and 2nd rounders in our pool. (plus Kucherov) It's the reason they don't acknowledge guys like Peca for his amazing 39 points in 39 games during his freshman year. Kid didn't have a profile made until the end of the year. Looks like the same thing has happened to Korobov now with no mention above. Kid plays top line duties in the WC, had a spot in Minsk for a few seasons in the KHL, and is doing quite well now in N.A. Nothing though. Although this could also be laziness to not actually care to look or follow what's happening here.

I think that's a shame for a website that claims to be "the #1 online prospects resource." They do a nice job with info on players yet to be drafted, but when it comes to NHL teams, it's not even close. And when it comes to the Lightning, it's laughable. Painfully so. There will be things we never agree on like player grades and the placement of the players on their lists which is understandable, but get the facts down. The plain facts have been what has lost you your credibility on this board. It's not that hard to see who has a contract and who doesn't, or even what our logo looks like. Other teams have writers who discuss and post about this stuff on their forum and write monthly articles. We only see stuff when HF is forced to include us as part of a HF feature where they do one for each team. And we see no response from them here on our board.

Why even write these reports anymore? What is the point? They obviously don't care what we think, but then again maybe these clearly aren't for lightning fans to enjoy. The days of them attempting to write insightful articles is pretty much done here by the looks of this latest piece. Now it's just a rehash of stats. It's frustrating they don't care. A place called Hockey's Future that specializes on NHL prospects should care about their work enough to hold themselves to a higher standard. There's no attempt to provide the people on the other side here at HFBoards with something worth reading.

I know my rants and critiques of their reports over the years fall on deaf ears, but I hope someday they come here and see what's going on. Their stuff was originally what led me to this forum. Thankfully there will always be BoltProspects.
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