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Originally Posted by ottawah View Post
I do obviously think the NHLPA mindtrust and Fehr understand it. But my feeling is they are holding onto this issue not for the good of the players, but for the good of their agenda.

I've been is several unions, and if union leadership were making proposals that benefited the top 2% of members and hurt the rest, they would not have been in a position of leadership for long.
What do you think happens when we have 5 year contracts?

When owners can no longer exchange Salary for security, and all they can compete with is salary, what do you think happens to the $2 and $3M NHLer?

They become $1 and $2M Nhlers so you can afford the big names.

Besides, while there are similar principals with the PA and a regular union, they are not the same beast.

In any union I've ever belonged to, it was basically equal pay for equal work + seniority raises.

You didn't have one guy earning $16 an hour and another $320 an hour.

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