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12-09-2012, 11:50 AM
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Originally Posted by Mr Misty View Post
Joe Cole scores, and Liverpool probably deserve to be level
As a Liverpool fan, I disagree. We don't really deserve anything in this game, but based on how the season has gone, I am glad that we have managed to show some desire to score. I didn't think this was possible without Suarez.

Originally Posted by Mr Misty View Post
Seems like the substitution of Cole for Enrique was the turning point of the half.
Sad to say the unfortunate injury to Diame changed this half. He's a very good player.

Originally Posted by Chimaera View Post

I don't disagree with much of it. But bashing Shelvey is pretty silly. He has a lot of potential. Even if he has rocks in the head.
I knew somebody would respond

I don't think the goal changes anything for me.

I think at one point, yes, I would agree with you. However, he's being passed by other depth on the squad. He's a horrific tackler for a midfield player and has a tremendously low IQ. And we all know he won't be a striker.

He has potential but I don't think it will be actualized on this squad. He's still got a lot of developing to do, and if there are improvements elsewhere or within the squad (I think there is; I would rather Suso in the middle and Henderson as a CM), then go with them.

EDIT: Shelvey should have shot there instead of pulling back, but that was a penalty. My goodness.

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