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12-09-2012, 11:51 AM
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After my locked post i have come to realize that this lockout is very much Bettman's fault.

He should have started negotiations at 50/50 and he should not have negotiated against himself. This has caused the NHLPA to think of Bettman as weak and why they are not giving in. He has played this lockout totally wrong and Fehr is just taking whatever they give him and is always looking for more because the NHL is continuing to give him more.

If the NHLPA does not accept this latest offer we will lose the season. Not because of Fehr but because Bettman will have to change his tactics. If they reject this current offer the NHL will be playing hardball. Any and all offers will be removed, the make-hole will be gone and both sides will be starting at scratch.

I am fully behind the NHL and I feel what they are asking for will improve the NHL as a whole and it will be better for hockey. Bettman totally played this wrong and we lost a season because of it.

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