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12-09-2012, 11:59 AM
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Originally Posted by Captain Bob View Post
The problem is that LINKAGE will force bad markets/badly run teams to lose money.

The big markets are driving up revenue too fast for the bad markets to keep up. And as we move one horrid team to Quebec and a second team to the metro Toronto area, I think the revenue growth disparity problem will accelerate.

So the NHL has created a system that forces teams to lose money because there is a cap floor tied to revenue growth.

Why would they do this? Unless they wanted teams to lose money?
No one expected the growth in revenue. The problem was they didn't tie revenue sharing in, it was a static number. But an increase in sharing which last I believe went up by 50 million by the owners should help to off set. Players asked for another 50 million on top of that which I think would be a great idea for the overall health of the league.

Once they get this deal in place the price of a franchise will go up which will make it more profitable for the NHL to relocate teams like Pheonix and open new frachises in Quebec and Markham. Which the players won't see any of that money but they will have more jobs.

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