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Originally Posted by Canadiens1958 View Post
Seems like the GTA and surrounding areas did away with the various boundary issues earlier than GMA area where in certain instances the boundary issues are still a factor... Pros and cons to both approaches.
Ya, there certainly are, and it created a lot of problems for players who were of 'A' calibre but who resided in areas absent a team playing at that level. I remember guys trying out in Bantam at the 'A' level, excellent hockey players who then signed, only to be rejected by the MTHL because they lived just outside of the borders of the city of Toronto in Richmond Hill or wherever; others who lived in Scarborough unable to sign with a team say in North Toronto or Etobicoke.

I would assume over the last 40yrs & since Amalgamation within the GTA the GTHL has loosened up its rules, and indeed, there was a story some time ago about some guy who owned 5+ AAA teams at various levels, ran it as a full time business, recruited players from all over the city, charging parents an arm & leg for equipment, ice time, extensive travel to tournaments with healthy markups... then the issues of Coaches & Scouts, GM's being "paid", be it per diems, travel expenses or whatever, most notably Rick Vaive who for awhile coached a Bantam AAA Team in the GTHL, receiving a fairly substantial chunk of change for doing so.

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