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Originally Posted by Riptide View Post
Here's another subjective question. If the owners have stable teams, and everyone is making tons of money (owners and players)... are the players getting screwed?

We would not see the NHL locking out it's players every CBA if the owners collectively were pocketing millions (2-3 times what they are now).
Pretty much. Players need to recognize that their fortunes are tied to the fortunes of the owners whether they like it or not -- take too much, and franchises become unhealthy, and it becomes harder to find good owners. They need to keep their demands modest, and in line with a reasonable understanding of what the owners' revenues look like. The same desire to take all they can get that makes them the best they can be in a jersey on the ice, doesn't work when you're wearing a suit in a negotiating room. Not only can't you win 'em all, you shouldn't.

It is a lot easier to justify stiffing the players than it is to justify stiffing the owners right now for several reasons. That tells me that the players have too much power in the league and they need to be pulled back in a bit, in the best interest of the league. In short, the players need to lose this one, and hiring Fehr who would rather die than sign a disadvantageous contract, is the worst decision they could possibly have made.

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