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12-09-2012, 12:45 PM
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Originally Posted by topchowda View Post
It would have been a weird situation signing Eberle for more than Hall in the same signing year. I imagine it might cause tensations that could affect the team in the future. Maybe Eberles deal was rushed to since he came over a impressive year. But being a fan from Edmonton, Id much rather have large contracts then no players. Adter years of getting burned its good to see players sign here long term. Other teams may find the contracts bad but I breathed a sign of relief

If he doesnt not improve at all due to injuries that his large contract will only be for six more years. They could fit in RNH's, Yakupovs and Shultz's deal around it. Worst case scenerio.

I think the worst think would be to cause tension in the organization and ripping apart your core. Thats impossible to fix
I agree. Great points

Originally Posted by dnicks17 View Post
That's eerily similar to how most Oilers fan would describe Hall's deal.

Hall means everything to the Oilers. Their whole identity changes when he's in the line-up. It's only a matter of time until he's named captain.

He's easily the team's most valuable player and is being paid as such.
I never looked at it that way, I guess been to distant to the situation.... Can't disagree with paying him the big bucks then

Thanks for the info guys

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