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Originally Posted by fabricoh View Post
Thanks for that. It is AMAZING how much NHL fans just gobble up whatever Gary Bettman spoon feeds them. The guy sure has a track record to be taken at his word, right? The most recent example was denying the LA Kings were for sale. A few months later it came out that they are in fact for sale.

MLB has had no work stoppages for close to 20 years, unlike the NHL they engage in significant revenue sharing which keeps franchises that shouldn't exist afloat, and they force those teams to spend that money on improving their ballclub.

So OF COURSE Donald Fehr is the bogeyman.
The NHLPA was clearly in the wrong last lockout. They sat out for how long just to get one of the most lopsided CBA's ever. Then you add in Fehr who is known for being a hardline negotiator who was willing to loose a World Series. I see it as reason for concern.

I thought I heard somewhere that only 2 teams in baseball shared revenue last year. Not true?

I haven't followed baseball for a while now so I'm not sure. But I'll start following next year now that the Jays look like they have a shot

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