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05-30-2006, 10:22 PM
Pere Noel
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A little story about Lacasse... in ENGLISH

This cguerin gentleman posted an interesting story about Lacasse. However, he wrote it in French...

So here's a free translation for the benefit of all:

"A work colleague, who worked as a Midget AAA referee told me a story that could help you out understand why Montreal just signed Loic.

One day, he was an assigned referee for a final in a tournament, in which Lacasse had had already 3 shutouts in a row, an opponent player decided to take him out of the game. Lacasse routinely get out of his crease… so to pass the puck, that he does in a very precise manner by the way… he was then next to the board, just behind his goals on the right. The other player therefore was coming like a train, so to nail him to the board. Lacasse then leaned and literally projected the player outside the rink. (please note, that the boards of the say arena, was not as high as normal). My work colleague was forced to hide Loic in his goals and to block its entrance because all the players wanted to kill him.

He said, that in his whole referee career-high level that is (he was a referee as well for major junior), he had never seen a goalie of that height, so quick and with puck control so developed. More over, he is arrogant and fears nothing… this story stands by that fact) As for his save $, cut him so time, and with a good coach, we shall see."

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