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Originally Posted by Ragamuffin Gunner View Post
Owners have been trying to get make whole off the table, but Gary not only kept it but also increased it to get a deal done. The owners giving 300M in make whole was a a huge concession. Now that the NHLPA has thrown that 300M in the owners faces it's off the table.

Revenue does not equal profits. It's really not a hard concept. Many owners are losing less in the lockout than they were under the old CBA.
I understand revenue does not equal profits... that doesn't change the fact that the majority of teams make money. The owners make whole is only them saying we'll honour a portion of the contracts we agreed to pay you. Looking at this subjectively... the players are only going to lose in this. The only question is how much are they going to lose. And yet people try to make it out like the owners are giving up so much.

Originally Posted by f1nn View Post
hate it when people say that,, how exactly are they being bullied!? its not like the owners are chaining up the players and their families making them play for a weekly loaf of bread.. they're being paid millions to play a game and the owners are saying "hey I can't afford to keep paying you 2.3 million we're gonna have to work it out so you might only get 2 or 2.1 in the end because as things stand now I'm getting a horrible ROI"
They're very obviously trying to separate the players from the Fehr.... just like did last time with Goodenow. They have consistently put take it or leave it offers on the table and have consistently walked away from talks when they don't get what they want and they did the exact same thing last time.

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