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Originally Posted by IJKPrinciple View Post
Just returned a couple of hours ago from Lev's first ever fan trip. Too bad we lost, but the trip was fun and worth it nonetheless. Even though there were only a few of us against the 10000 Slovan fans in the arena, we still managed to be at times loud enough so the opposite sector of Slovan fans wasn't too "happy" with that.

Chanting Chara's name really pi**ed-off a lot of Slovan fans, hehe.

The remaining 2 games will be ours, count on that.

EDIT: Anyway, I've been the part of the Lev's fanklub since the beginning, visiting all the home matches so far. It's like a dream come through - having KHL in my city. Also the lockout in the NHL is still going, meaning all the world's superstars can be seen with my own eyes, incredible.

As for the "forbidden" chants like "ruský kurvy" etc., like some mentioned here in the forum before the season: First of all, the reglament of KHL forbids these and if we don't comply, the club will get huge fines resulting in ruined relations between the fanklub and the club itself.
Second - the guys assembled so far in the fanklub are really cool dudes most of the time, I'm really glad I can be part of this first wave of Lev's hardcore/ultras fans, supporting actively our guys on the ice from the stands during every single match. Also they know I'm Russian and they don't want to provoke me too much.

EDIT: Also the match with CSKA was a tough one, choosing between supporting the team I loved before the KHL arrived in Prague and my local team.
nice report

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