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12-09-2012, 01:52 PM
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Originally Posted by Stephen View Post
You guys are missing the whole point.

Using examples like Morozov, I'm basically pointing at guys we know aren't that great in the NHL, but who still managed to dominate overseas in other leagues for extended periods of time.

Given that we didn't see a lot of Soviet stars play in their primes on a night to night basis against NHL competition, how can we be sure if some of those all-time Soviet greats weren't just Alexei Morozov's who looked good from a distance and in limited international competition?
No. All of us can name 10 to 15 better russians than morozov who are in the NHL. Hes dominating a league devoid of top end talent. Its like dropping a 2nd liner from the NHL into the AHL... There is no comparison between him and the celebrated stars of old russia.

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