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Originally Posted by HockeyBuddha View Post
Good question.

I'll say the players. The players wouldn't have to pony up that much money, there's plenty of billionaires willing to take a chance. Fans pay money to watch a high level of talent, not a particular league.

If two leagues started next season, the nhl (with jr, minor league players) and say 10 teams with the best players in the world, guess which one I'm watching and supporting.
You do realize that currently there are 30 "billionaires" who already have everything in place in terms of teams, logos, brands, buildings, TV contracts, established fanbases, etc. who aren't willing to employ the players under the conditions that they want, correct? Why on earth would other rich folks who have none of those things put a ton of their personal capital on the line for players whose demands are unreasonable to the current owners who only have to take a small fraction of that financial risk?

If the "if" situation that you proposed came to fruition, that'd be one thing. I will absolutely guarantee you that will never, ever happen for many reasons. The most obvious of which is that the "best players in the world league" would have no players at all once the current crop retired as the jr and minor players who would inevitably replace them would be in the NHL.

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