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12-09-2012, 03:01 PM
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Originally Posted by Hardyvan123 View Post
So if Phil shoots at the net, something he led the league in 4 years in a row, then someone else scores we are going to call him a play maker?
Also outside of Boston (and the Orr affect) he hit top 10 1 other time in 67 finishing 6th.

After his trade to the NYR he dropped from 66 (5th) in assists to 48 (25th).

really your definition of play maker is very odd and doesn't fit at all with the common notion of what the play making skill is.

And you have Orr behind Phil?

Wow is all I can say there.

Even when we use your criteria about production Orr has 40 more assists from 68-75 (the years they played together) in 53 less games played.
So, Phil didn't actually accomplish anything because he played for the Bruins in his prime? That is really your argument? Garbage. What did Orr accomplish after he left Boston?

You continue to argue style over substance. Forget about style for a while - it is irrelevant. If Phil shoots and gets assists because of the rebounds - he is creating offense. Who cares if it is the prettiest thing you ever saw, it still counts as one goal on the board. When a guy leads the league in assists, it makes no difference how they looked, they all counted.

Forget about style, it is a moot point.

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