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Originally Posted by Fugu View Post
Doesn't this overlook the fact that the NHL offer has to be higher than what the player is being paid in the KHL? In other words, he cannot get a release from the contract unless it's for a higher amount.

It's not just that they can come back for any NHL contract.

I also don't get why you would get into the unnecessary labeling of any of this as greedy. Is an NHL team not being greedy by trying to pay less money, and thus keep more for itself? When a player tries to maximize his earnings, in that case it's greed? Just unnecessary for people like you who can argue all the finer points of the economic discussion.
I think that was just the agreement in this case. There are no formal rules for this.

It's even possible the KHL team could decide to screw the player are refuse to terminate the contract, even if they agreed with the player to do it. It's highly unlikely but possible.

I don't think you understood the context the word "greedy" was used. It was only used to describe a situation where the players KHL contract is so rich that the NHL team don't want to match it and then the player is stuck in Russia. It had nothing to do with describing any characteristic of a players personality.

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