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Originally Posted by Captain Bob View Post
So propose a CBA that systematically solves the problem.

right now, it seems like the owners like have horrid markets in the league for no other reason than to cry poor.
The PA's original proposals tried to deal with the actual problems facing the NHL.

The NHL said "we're not interested in solving those problems, we just think you make too much money".

There has not been and never will be an honest effort by ownership to properly fix the league. Rich owners like having poor teams to develop their talent for them and serve as their de-facto farm teams. The Wings are not excluded from that comment either.

Much like the NFL, it's all about money. The NFL isn't suddenly acting all concerned about player safety because they're actually concerned about player safety. They're facing an enormous lawsuit from disabled ex-players and they want to try and avoid paying billions in settlements. They're going to end up ruining the sport over it, just to minimize their liability.

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