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Originally Posted by Darth Yoda View Post
You seem to be talking against yourself more then one time in this post. As someone allready has pointed out Jagr did score his 149 points in 95-96 not only becouse of playing in a higher scoring league, but also becouse of who he was playing with.
Gretzky, Yzerman, Selanne, Lemieux all scored their statistical peaks in raw numbers in a higher scoring league. There is nothing to say a player cant progress after the age of 25 through good training.

Take a look at Crosby and his averages the last two seasons, it's much higher than in any of his seasons before and would suggest a pretty dominant season if he had played close to 82 games. I mean, before the first concussion he was pretty exceptional that season.
The league is not getting any wider in scoring. As for Crosby's averages being higher in the last 2 season, he played a total of what 67 games or whatever it is?

If he had done that over an entire season of even maintained that pace in the same season over 67 games then I would say that he has hit a new level.

That's not the case though. It's much easier to have 1.65 PPG in stretches of 20 and 40 games but to do that over the course of a season is as hard as it gets. As displayed in the " By the Numbers" section by CzechyourMath, Crosby stretches aren't even close to being the best by players not named Lemieux or Gretzky.

Crosby is not getting any younger.

As for the linemates argument, it's a moot point. Crosby defenders will always claim how Crosby has terrible linemates, great players elevate the play of their linemates. Crosby benefits from having Malkin as the 1b option since opposing teams can't focus their attention just on Crosby and this Crosby a bit more room on the ice. Just in comparison, Jagr (outside of the Lemieux years) never once had that novelty to play with. Before you jump at Francis, I say that Francis was never going to scare opponents in thinking he was going to pot a hattrick or 5 point game against them.

That shouldn't be an excuse. Jagr had some seasons in which he had worse linemates (1998-99, 1999-00 and 2005-06) being great examples of this in which he put up amazing numbers.

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