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12-09-2012, 03:45 PM
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Saw all 3 games this past weekend and the Wolves scored 3 of a possible 6 points. They gave away an easy point yesterday, but it was clear that they were tired from playing 3 games in 3 nights.

In Barrie they came out gunning in the first period, and led 2 nothing, in particular to #37's great playmaking ability. They didnt show for the next 2 periods and lost the game. They were 5 regs short (Leivo, Kantor, Silk, THibodeau and Braid), and it showed.

Against MIssy, they played a poor 1st period, and 2 great last periods. It also helped that Vienneau replaced Dupuis. Dupuis was fighting the point shot in Barrie and against Missy. Once again the line of Campagna,Pancel and Baptiste stepped up and led the Wolves to a good win.

Against Petes, they had Braid in the game and he played forward, and didnt look out of place. He showed alot of grit and energy and started the scoring, and ended up with 2 points. He was an instigator all game. Kahun was out of lineup due to groin injury. Vienneau played a good first half of the game and then struggled the latter half. The Campagna, Pancel and Baptiste line led the offence once again.

The shootout went 9 rounds and Petes stole the game. Campagna had a hilite reel type goal, so did Corrado.

Overall, the weekend showed offence (11 goals scored- Campagna line accounted for 16 points in total). Goaltending was inconsistent. Dmen played well- Corrado, Sefton, Dodero and Corbett. De Haan and Cummins had below avg minutes per game, and showed their inexperience. Cummins with his size will hopefully develop with proper coaching, and DeHaan is a great skater and can become a puck mover.

Kubalik , Ryan, Desrochers, Cull, Harris all showed intensity and grit.

I can see alot of potential with the team going forward, but I believe they need to be sellers at the trade deadline. They will mostly finish 8th in east, and may win a round in the east, but shouldnt be able to go much further. They can be buyers, but unless they secure a #1 goalie, and all players are healthy, it would be difficult.

I would trade Corrado, Sefton, Dodero, Kantor, Leivo , as they will most likely not be there next year, and try and secure high draft picks and some quality goaltending, and some prospects (preferably 94's and 95's).

If they can start next year with the following, they can succeed.

Campagna, Pancel, Baptiste
Kahun, Silk, Kubalik
Harris, Desrochers, Vilardi
3 prospects from trades

Corbett, DeHaan
Cummins, Braid
2 prospects from trades

#1 Goalie

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