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12-09-2012, 03:48 PM
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Originally Posted by TheGleninator View Post
This is the same man who called a strike right before the playoffs in MLB right?
And Bettman is what? The same man who's avoided a lock-out 3 different times?

Originally Posted by TheGleninator View Post
The man has proven to not be a man of his word.
You need to back-up that statement. Do you have a quote or source where Fehr has promised the MLB owners he would not strike? Or perhaps your bias has caused you to regress into a child that would slander someone without any substantial evidence to support it?

Originally Posted by TheGleninator View Post
Maybe you don't know his history maybe you have given him a clean slate but either way you can't solely place the blame on Bettman.
Bettman has been around for how many work stoppages? Its easy to believe the player's fate was already written before Fehr came into his position, as the trend of league negotiating tactics is clearly to lock-out players.

But sole blame? Of course not, that's ridiculous.

Originally Posted by TheGleninator View Post
Seeing as the owners caved in on most of the topic this past week and the players still didn't want the offer how can you blame that on Bettman.
Really? What's the big deal about contracts greater than 5 years, especially in the whole scheme of things? What percent of players have 6 year contracts or longer?

The players give up 7% in NET revenue from a 3.3 billion dollar business. But I suppose the players haven't caved in any area...

Is it really worth Jeremy Jacobs threatening to leave negotiations like a child taking his ball and leaving?

Is it really worth Larry Tanenbaum whining about the player's negotiating, given that he's an part owner of a team making a billion in NET revenue? ( What does he have to whine about? I don't see him offering more in revenue sharing...

Originally Posted by TheGleninator View Post
I agree 3 work stoppages does suck but look at the context of the last 2, in 2004 the players had 74% of HRR it is easy to see that the owners were losing money and something had to be done. Now the players have 57% of HRR which isn't terrible compared to what it was but we just saw last year both the NBA and NFL agreed to 50-50 and with many owners still reporting loses it seems 50-50 is the logical step except the players have resisted for most of the time.
I see you're justifying the last lock-out, not exactly justifying the MLB strike though.... But I suppose when you're bias, one wrongful act is greater than another.

Originally Posted by TheGleninator View Post
I under stand it sucks but blaming one side isn't a solution it is both sides fault it has lasted this long but after seeing the last negotiations break down because the players broke the deal between the owners and players it is clear that the fault is not on Bettman.
One side is not at fault, yet ONE SIDE broke the deal? Do you even listen to yourself?

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