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Originally Posted by sepster View Post
But you have to start somewhere and the economic drivers have decided that the best way to turn the city around is to invest in the core downtown area with the hope that development spreads from there. If the city is able to create a core area that attracts socially and economically responsible people (which is happening) then you change the voting culture of the city. You change the expectations of constituents and that is what drives overall change, that is what ultimately "fixes" city council and the schools.

Without a change in the mentality and expectations of the constituents, there will be no saving Detroit. The last 30 years have proven that.
I think the economic element driving this project is that this could easily be a cash cow for the Ilitch family and other investors. They are creating a small area that would be considered "safe enough" for going out, but that plan works even if all those visiting are people from Novi, Troy or St.Clair Shores and it's completely irrelevant if the scene is post-apocalyptic across Chrysler freeway.

I entirely agree that productive people need to move into Detroit for there to be a change, but I'm not aware of any evidence that sports stadia in downtown cores do much to attract residents. The people from the areas around Tiger Stadium moved away in the 60s and 70s in spite of the close ties they had to the stadium and the team.

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