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Originally Posted by Tiranis View Post
That is what Tyler Dellow (Oilers blogger, generally on statistics) argues here: (good article about possible reasons for the PA to hold out over this issue)
good article. However, it supports why i want to see contract lengths limited. As he says, these guys get rewarded for being stars ... regardless of whether or not they are stars with staying power. Which is exactly what pisses me off and screws up a team where someone signs the long term deal then starts to suck, or is perennially injured.

I have a close friend who makes NHL type money, and has been doing it for 20 years. They had a employee they were trying to bring into the firm as a partner. The were having a problem negotiating a deal. After a full day of dealing, they reached an agreement, shook hands and went out to dinner to celebrate. During the dinner the guy said "you know what would really make me happy". They looked at each other and said, "this isn't going to work" ... and the guy was gone.

The NHL and the PA almost had a deal, the Fehr walked in and said "you know what would really make me happy?" And it was not some minor detail ... and all of the hard work was wasted. Maybe if Fehr comes crawling back, because I think they were wrong on both contract length and CBA length. Contract length because it screws both the fans and the teams sometimes (never the players) and becasue the longer this agreement is signed for the better for everyone.

As I said before, I hope Betman says "put the last deal to the players for a binding vote" before we come back to the table.

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