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12-09-2012, 04:07 PM
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Originally Posted by MVW View Post
I know Fehr's history, he helped build the union in MLB to a state of which it is arguably the best run union in all pro sports. I never once said Bettman and the NHL is solely to blame for all of this. Fehr is a hard negotiator and I think without question his ego due to his history has this already made this hard problem that much more complex. Bettman has many great assets, and he has been good for the NHL, but that doesn't matter to me anymore. His track record for work stoppages is the worst in the history of pro sports in any league. As a fan, to me it is unacceptable. Gary has done his part, and after this is resolved I'd like to see the NHL go in a different direction.
Bettman is also the smuggest person on the planet. He rubs players the wrong way and that in itself has caused tension between the players and owners. Given that a guy like Chelios threatens Bettman (an example among many), how can labour peace ever be accomplished when players inherently hate Bettman? And Chelios was [arguably] a franchise-face type of player.

I've read several articles about Fehr's history and tactics and generally the message is that this guy is honest to his constituents. He discloses absolutely everything and the owners will underestimate him even though his tactic is simple.

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