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Originally Posted by mapleleaf979 View Post
U have seen Sean Day play ONCE and your labeling him as cocky? Thats jumping the gun from my standpoint. Hosang had repeated games of not sharing the puck, I thought it was realistic to mention it at that time but now its over and done with and in the past. Hosang is playing extremely well now and from my perspective is playing his best hockey since the beginning of minor midget. Elite prospects are scouted more and people, myself included are more critical of them at times because u have already seen how high that player sets the bar. His future is very very bright. I think your alone on your Korostelev #1 thoughts. The marlies surprised me at Silver STicks. That team has different gears thats for sure. It will be interesting to see if they can repeat at the Marlies Classic. Divisions are well balanced. Cheers.
Hey Mapleleaf979, good to see we are both back in the blog game. LOL

Remember last year when I mentioned/initiated soon after Xmas that Ho Sang would go 5th or 6th, and everyone on the boards went Apesh..... IT DID HAPPEN.

Someone recently (SCOUT97) has posted that korostolev will go #2 also. I GUESS I AM NOT ALONE. LOL

Maybe we need our buddy Tigers1992 to provide his much respected and regarded input.

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